Our Work

  • Oaks Christian Residential Boarding Program

      -  New Construction / Renovations

    WTE was the Construction Manager for the Oaks Christian Residential Boarding Program Project. The scope of this project includes renovating an existing 55,000 square foot business building into a high school dormitory to accommodate boarding program students. In order to complete the project... Read More

  • Pharmavite San Fernando Micro Lab

      -  Laboratories

    The project included relocating the lab glass washroom across main hallway into a lab storage room. Install a vertical carousel for storing all tool room’s tooling, reconfigure and increase micro lab area to include tool room area. Installation of new air conditioning units and exhaust fans.

  • Caltech Tissot Laboratory

      -  Laboratories

    Lab space renovated for a trace metal cleanroom suite and a separate dedicated area for mass spectrometers. The project includes a class-1000 cleanroom utilizing corrosive-free equipment and materials due to research procedures involving perchloric acids; and also includes specialized mechanical... Read More

  • Amgen Next Generation Office

      -  New Construction / Renovations

    The project included a complete interior demolition and connecting of adjoining buildings into one contiguous space to provide a blank canvas for creating “state-of-the -art”, new generation collaborative office environment. The project provide open office areas, staff break, conference rooms,... Read More

  • City of Hope Lippmann Graff Research Lab Renovation

      -  Laboratories

    Project scope was to build out a lab within an existing operation research facility. Scope of work included HVAC tie ins, plumbing upgrades, lab casework & coordination with the cold room installation work. Work also included ADA upgrades for adjacent stairwell and building facade upgrades... Read More