Caltech Gates Annex Linus Pauling Lecture Hall

New Construction / Renovations

The Gates Annex was originally built nearly a century ago as one of the early buildings on the Caltech campus. Gates Annex is one of the most recognizable buildings on campus and treasured for its exquisite features both inside and out. The challenge for us was to create a state of the art upgrades to the Linus Pauling Lecture Hall while honoring and conserving the historic details of the building.

Our scope included providing accessibility path of travel, new restrooms, complete renovation, and upgrade of the lecture hall acoustics, audio-visual systems, seating, and finishes. During demolition, we uncovered many original design elements that we were able to restore to pristine condition and incorporate into the new design. We’re honored that Caltech entrusted us with the renovations while helping to preserve the history of the institution.